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What does m. greengrass do?

It celebrates the rainbow quilt of American immigrants by collecting, preserving and sharing the scents, memories and practical wisdom of our ancestral homes from Switzerland to Swaziland.

•It connects people and builds community with products that mix, share and celebrate all the cultures of our origins so that we become familiar with and fond of people we may never meet.

•It uses and re-uses “everything but the squeal” and helps its customers do the same with food safe containers and reusable, decorative packaging.

•It embraces every new wave of immigrants through its products and helps the community through its philanthropy.

Our motivation

For the m. greengrass collection, our fragrance and design motivation comes from countries around the world.  From The Valley of Roses in Bulgaria to the glaciers in Iceland, these countries provide us with vision for the art that we create.  Our philosophy is not to just limit the experience to smell.  We want to intrigue all of the senses:  visual, hearing, taste, touch, and of course smell.  We want you to take a sensory journey with us.

Our exclusive fragrances are created using aromatics from around the world. Each one takes its inspiration from our own experiences and travels.  Our complex scents can take months or years to perfect, and oftentimes include over 100 different notes .  We obsess over finding new and unexpected combinations, ones that create new experiences, or bring back memories

Our Values

We believe the mixing and melding of immigrants and their heritage are what have made (and will always make) America the world’s best hope.


We believe good design, effective, quality ingredients and just plain beauty in all its forms should be available to all (rather than marked up 400-800%)


We believe waste is no virtue, and that finding new uses for old things is smart and good for the world.


We believe difference makes humanity stronger and building communities that connect us as we celebrate our uniqueness is the key to the empathy and understanding the world needs to heal and thrive.


our inspiration

Mother, grandmother, immigrant—Minnie Greengrass sacrificed all she knew for a chance at a better life in America. But, even as she wove her way into the fabric of American life, she never forgot home — its smells, its beauty — or the wisdom of the people she left behind.

Our grandmother Minnie wasn’t unique. Millions came to America when she did —from Poland and Hungary, Italy and Ireland. They’re still coming today. Different faces from even more distant places, all fed by the same hopes, all carrying the same fondness and longing for home.

We launched m. greengrass to honor Minnie and celebrate every immigrant, one and all. Join us on a sensory journey to all the lands our nation of immigrants once called home. Sample the world from Bohemia and Brazil, to Kenya and Korea. Taste cultures and savor beautiful design, and when your candle wick sputters to an end or your lotion runs dry, be like Minnie. Wash the candle glass, wipe the tin and add it to your cupboard. You never know when a special guest will need a special glass.