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Our story begins with a matriarch. Like so many others, my grandmother Minnie Greengrass arrived at Ellis Island looking for a chance at a better life. She was the heart of our family, handing down customs and recipes and wisdom. Weaving her way of life into a new one. Whatever your story is, we celebrate you, your heritage, your foundation. The daring and the strength it takes to forge your own path, to build and reinforce your own family.Scent is bonded to memory like no other feeling.


With each m. greengrass product, we invite you on a sensory journey to create connections and make memories that last a lifetime.


Image by Marcin Kaliński
Image by Michelle McEwen


We are a modern brand that celebrates our heritage.  We empower the unique stories of each human being and the people who came before them with heartfelt open-mindedness.  We thrive on connection and believe our differences make us stronger.


Our olfactory sense allows us to evoke specific memories and to create new ones.  We formulate unique scents inspired by our experiences and travels that allow our community to take a sensory journey with every product.

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