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Minnie Perks

Inspired by our namesake, Minnie Greengrass, we're making you part of the m. greengrass family! Gain points and turn them into rewards.

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    Become a Member

    • Sign up as a member to start earning points and recieve news on deals, product launches, and more before anyone else.

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    Earning Points

    • Purchase a Product

      Get 1 point for every $1 spent

    • Book a TeleEsthetics Session

      Get 10 points

    • Become a Site Memeber

      Get 20 points

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    Redeeming Points

    • 20% off any one product

      100 Points = 20% off the lowest priced item in cart

    • 30% off any one product

      150 Points = 30% off the lowest priced item in cart

    • 50% off any one product

      200 Points = 50% off the lowest priced item in cart

100 Points = 20% off

150 Points = 30% off

200 Points = 50% off

Who is Minnie Greengrass?

An old photo of our namesake and co-founder's grandmother, Minnie Greengrass.

Mother, grandmother, immigrant—Minnie Greengrass sacrificed all she knew for a chance at a better life in America. But, even as she wove her way into the fabric of American life, she never forgot home — its smells, its beauty — or the wisdom of the people she left behind.

Our grandmother Minnie wasn’t unique. Millions came to America when she did —from Poland and Hungary, Italy and Ireland. They’re still coming today. Different faces from even more distant places, all fed by the same hopes, all carrying the same fondness and longing for home.

We launched m. greengrass to honor Minnie and celebrate every immigrant, one and all. Join us on a sensory journey to all the lands our nation of immigrants once called home. Sample the world from Bohemia and Brazil, to Kenya and Korea. Taste cultures and savor beautiful design, and when your candle wick sputters to an end or your lotion runs dry, be like Minnie. Wash the candle glass, wipe the tin and add it to your cupboard. You never know when a special guest will need a special glass.

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